VLC is a great program if you want to stream Live TV from your PC and Laptop. You simply need an M3U format channel list to run it with this software.
There are two different ways to use IPTV with VLC. Download and follow the step to install VLC Media Player

The first method, Get Link M3u and Download file m3u

Step 1: First of all, Open up VLC Media Player
Step 2: Then, Simply Drag & Drop the downloaded m3u file with your VLC or open it via Media > Open File > “Choose your .m3u file”

Now, you should be able to watch IPTV with VLC
In order to switch Channels go to “View” in the Menu strip and navigate to “Playlist”(CTRL + L or command + L on MAC)
You will now see a list of Channels available to choose from you can use the search function to find a Channel.
All done.
You know should be good to go and watch your favorite Tv Channels using VLC Media Player!

The second method, you don’t need to download m3u file.

Step 1: Copy your M3u list Link
Step 2: Click on Media and click on Streamen. The open Media dialog box is open
Step 3: Paste your M3u list and click on the Play.
Step 4: Wait till all channel loaded. CTRL+L to bring up the playlist

Attention: If you use VLC it does not have EPG.


VLC is released with the function of listening to music, watching high-quality movies in many different formats. Not only that, but VLC can also be used as a smart TV. There are very few people who use VLC Media Player to watch TV series online. Therefore, VLC’s function is eroded over time. To highlight VLC Media Player’s online TV viewing function, we will guide you to use VLC to watch TV. Hope this article will help many users today.

What is VLC?

VLC is a media player and streaming media server with multi-platform and written by the VideoLAN project. VLC supports many methods of compressing audio and video as well as many file formats, including DVD-Video, Video CD, and streaming protocol. It allows streaming from computer networks and transcoding multimedia files.

VLC is a great application that you should know

How to watch TV online through VLC?

Just follow the steps below, you can watch TV online via VLC application.

Download and install VLC

VLC has excellent video presentation capabilities. It will be regretful if you do not know how to thoroughly apply these functions of VLC, especially the online broadcast function. Now, you do not need to open the website, log into the address of each channel to watch. You can watch live TV on your computer’s VLC application.

To use this online broadcast function, firstly, you need to download and install VLC application on your computer. In addition to VLC, you must download the Plug-in for Octoshape to support the process. Before downloading Octoshape, turn off the VLC application. After downloading Octoshape, you can turn on the VLC application to use. Octoshape plugin will make it easy to select your favorite channel to broadcast.

Download the list of VLC channels

After completing the download process of VLC and plugin, you must download the VLC channel list. This channel list will play on VLC application easily if you follow the steps below.

Complete all three step to watch TV online through VLC application

Open the online broadcast file from VLC

This is the most important step in the process of exploiting the online broadcast function via VLC. To open the broadcast file online, you must start this application in the computer background. A new interface appears, find the Media section and click on the Open File box.

Another new interface will appear, in this new interface, you must find the link of the channel list that you have just downloaded. Click on this link and then click the OK box to list it into VLC.

These Online TV channels are not only available on Windows-based computers, but also compatible with computers using other operating systems such as Linux or MAC OS X.

After successfully passing the channel list to VLC, to see the list of channels, you can click on “View”, then click the Playlist box. To return to the main screen, you can also do so.

The way to watch live TV via VLC is actually quite simple. Anyone can perform these operations. Now, just need the internet and a computer, you can watch TV anywhere!

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