Use IPTV on VLC by PC or Laptop

You want to Watch your favorite TV channels but you don’t have TV available, only Laptops. The easiest way is to use the VLC application to view IPTV

Smart TV can also watch IPTV

Setting up IPTV on Smart TV is very easy, please see the instructions here, we will show you how to use and how to fix it when you get an error with SmartTV

How to install IPTV on STB Emulator

STB Emulator is a pretty difficult device to use, but below we have learned more ways to install them to install IPTV on it.

MAG is a TOP 1 device for IPTV use

MAG does not use m3u file like other devices, it uses MAC address to view IPTV, when buying iptv service, you need to declare MAC address for supplier

Enigma2 is the most used device in Europe

With linux operating systems customers are often difficult to use, but we have specific instructions below that you just need to read and follow the steps.

Kodi best application for IPTV

kodi is very easy to use, but customers often encounter many hard-to-fix errors, we have gathered error and fixes.

Apple TV can also watch IPTV if you install Kodi

This is a guide to installing Kodi on Apple TV to watch IPTV, you can see our detailed guide here

Perfect Player is the best application to view IPTV

Please read the Perfect Player tutorial