Many apps for play IPTV on android phone but we just recommend the best IPTV app for android IPTV.


2. Perfect Player IPTV


You must download one of them from the Google Store

Now we start to use IPTV app


The first when download completed IPTV android app you need open the application of IPTV.

Then click on the Add Playlist


Click the Select File or add URL  


Normal IPTV (m3u file) you can look for free IPTV on google. But it not stable and Poor quality. So, if you want stable IPTV service you can buy from the owner of the website.

OK we have done for install IPTV android app

The next is Perfect Player IPTV

– Download and install Perfect Player
– Tap settings (Little Cog)

– Tap General

– Tap Playlist

– Insert your M3U link

– Tap EPG


– Insert your custom EPG link
– Press back and wait for it to load IPTV channels
– Enjoy!

Last one


You just need download then enter username and password with the app but if you don’t have an account please register IPTV. You can read more about my app


There are many applications on Android phones that you can install to use IPTV. These applications will help you keep track of great IPTV programs. With just a few basic steps, you can experience great moments of relaxation. If you want to know how to install IPTV on Android phones, follow our article below.

IPTV applications can be used on Android phones

There are many IPTV applications that you can use on Android phones. Each application will provide users different features and interfaces. The applications on Android phones that you can refer to:

– IPTV App

– Perfect Player IPTV

– IPTV Premium

These applications can all be easily downloaded from Google Store. You can also use other applications to watch IPTV TV, not necessarily those applications.

There are many IPTV applications that you can refer to from Google Store

How to install IPTV application on Android phones

To install the IPTV application on the phone, you must access the Google Store and search for the above applications.

For example, if you want to download IPTV Premium, search for this application in the search bar of the Google Store. Write the keyword “IPTV Premium” into the search bar of the Google Store.

Then, click on the application you want. In the new interface that appears, click on the “Download” section to download the application. After downloading the IPTV application, open the application and go to “Add playlist”.

Find and click on the “Select file” or “Add URL” section. You need to download the m3u file to add it. There are plenty of free m3u files on the internet, but the file quality is not good and lack stability. We recommend using our m3u file. You can download the m3u file via our website.

Use good m3u files to ensure quality programs

Going back to the IPTV installation process on your Android phone, after adding m3u file to “Add playlist”, a list of different programs will be added to the playlist. The playlist addition time will be different, depending on the type of m3u file and the number of programs. Usually, the time to add a playlist lasts 5-10 minutes with each situation. Finally, you can enjoy great TV shows through the software on this Android phone.

IPTV is a service that provides entertainment programs for users. Currently, IPTV is very widely used. Every user can use easily. Now, not only Smart TV, but you can also use IPTV on Smartphone devices. As can be seen, IPTV has been extremely developed.

In the market, there are also many units deploying services related to IPTV. However, only a few units provide this service with relatively good quality. Our unit is one of the units like this. Every service in our unit is loved by many customers. The number of customers using our services is increasing day by day.

We have just provided you service and knowledge about IPTV for you. This article has contributed a large part to our development process. If you have any questions about how to install IPTV application on your Android phone, please share with us for an answer!

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