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We provide 8000 Channels and
8000 VOD from more than 44 country 

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are frequently asked questions of IPTV Reseller. You should read carefully before applying for IPTV Reseller.

What does Credit mean?

– When you create an account for a customer, you lose your credit.
– You need to use USD to buy Credit,
200 USD = 215 Credit.

Can i use my domain?

You can use your domain, If you have purchased $1000 for Credit, we will give you a free domain name.

How many Channels do you have?

We have 8000 Channels & 8000 VOD on 44 Countries.

Am i able to have my own Resellers?

Sure you can create your own reseller  and MAKE more money with
Add sub-reseller” function also it is free to create a new sub-reseller.

Where is your server located?

I have more than 45 servers all over the world including Germany, Sweden, the US, Netherlands,…

Can i choose the package for my client?

We have a lot of packages for customer options, but if you still want a separate package, then you need to buy $1000 for credit.

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Become IPTV Reseller

To become a professional IPTV reseller, you just need to take a closer look at the instructions here.

IPTV Channels

We have more than 8000 channels in 44 countries, please go to IPTV Channels list here.

How to use IPTV

We have iptv tutorials for each device